Fuge Camp Survey

We would love 2020 to look a LOT more like the years before when it comes to "normal".   It is NOT normal.  So, I would love to have your input so I know who is ready, who is cautious, AND IF camp does not happen (California),then what can/would we do.  There is no wrong answer.  Those who are ready for normal and those who are cautious, ALL have REAL thoughts and feelings that legitimately have a voice.  I want to affirm each of you, but we also need to know where you are.  So thank you for being open, honest and understanding as leadership tries to lead with wisdom.

NOTE: Below you will see that we are looking at options.  If there is no FUGE, I want give some details to what a "retreat setting" might look like.  We have found some Rental areas in Utah that are close to National Park areas (trying to get out of City-life).  These are 6,000 sqft homes to 30,000 sqft "homes".  Some with swimming, others with sand volleyball, (we can bring 9square), firepits, and of course access to hiking and nature etc.  We would have worship, bible study etc and time for activities, planned and chill time.  It would just be us, of course, but we would "really" be together.  Hope that give a little idea of Retreat Setting.

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